Many of us buy Coach Handbags and purses from the Coach outlets. Sometimes, we would not be satisfied with the products bought and would think of returning them back to the stores. This happens when there is damage in the product/bag or if any of our friends do not like the bag.

In order to return the bag, one can directly visit the Coach Outlet store or by mailing it to the address of the Coach outlet.

Return Coach purses

Store Returns:-

  • If you have planned to return the bags to the Coach stores, then visit the store with the receipt of the handbag as the stores will not accept any handbags without proper proof. Receipts are the only proofs to ensure that the bags were bought on a particular date. Also, make sure to return the bags in a good condition. The bags should never contain dirt or any other particles. It should be a new one containing the tag and properly stitched. Stores will not accept any bags without tags. If you have received any additional accessory with the bag, carry that as well while returning the bags. 
  •  Find the Coach store present in the local area and return the bag. One can get the help of online websites to find out where the Coach stores are located in a particular location. If the Coach handbags were purchased from departmental stores or other places, then it is not possible to return them at the Coach stores. Those bags have to be taken to the departmental stores along with the receipt to return them back.
  • The bag, receipt of the bag and other accessories bought along with the bag has to be handed over to the customer service person at the Coach stores. If one has bought these products by using debit/credit cards, he/she has to provide the card to them in order to get the money credited back to the bank account.


Mail Returns:-

  • The other option is to mail the handbags to the Coach stores. In order to do so, one has to pack the handbag carefully in a box. The bags should be in a good condition. While mailing, send the receipt and other accessories bought along with the bag. Money would be refunded only if the bags and other accessories along with the receipt are sent to the Coach stores in a proper condition. 
  • One has to make sure to take a copy of those receipts and other proofs before mailing them. One can also write a note on the reason for returning the bag. It is in turn necessary to write the name, address and telephone number before sending it to the Coach Outlet stores. 
  • Make sure to deliver the package by means of a package carrier which is more safe and secure. Make sure that the package carries offers insurance and confirms that the package has reached the recipient. U.S Postal Service is one the best means to send these packages. With the help of these package carriers, one can ensure that the package has reached safely to the Coach stores as these carriers provide delivery confirmation report.
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